AAD Covid-19 Protocols


Our Covid-19 policies are set at this time, but are subject to change as federal or state guidelines, or CDC recommendations are revised. We realize our policies may not be enough for some or may seem too restrictive for others. We encourage you to do what feels right for you and your family. Our guidelines will be adjusted as conditions change.



Student/Parent Guidelines for entering the AAD dance facility:



1.    Masks are required for dancers 8 and up to enter the building and are to be worn in all common areas. Dancers ages 2-7 are encouraged but not required to wear a mask while entering the building and in common areas. Masks may be taken off once students are on their spot in the classroom. All dancers are welcome to wear any personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.) during their class as well.

2.    Students/Parents must wait in car until exact time for class to start. Enter on the side of the building where your class will be conducted. 

3.    Temperatures will be taken at the door. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or showing any signs of illness will not be permitted to enter. Parents escorting younger students will also be screened.

4.    AAD will provide hand sanitizer at the door. All students must sanitize hands before entering the classroom. 

5.    No one is permitted to wait in the studio lobby at either AAD location. Parents of younger students will be allowed to walk their students to the front door where their teacher will then take them to the classroom.  

Main Studio- students enter through the front door according to the side of the building in which your class is conducted. Exit through the side doors. 

Satellite Studio- There will be enough time between classes for one group to leave the building before the next group enters. 

6.    Parents, please be timely dropping off and picking up your child. A staff member will be in front of the building to check you into the building. The teacher or his/her assistant will bring students out the side door to be retrieved by the parent or whomever is picking your child up. 

7.    Wear clean dancewear each week.  Be dressed for class before entering the building.

8.    Only one person at a time is allowed in the bathroom. Wash hands after going to the bathroom.

9.    The water fountain will be off limits during this time. Students may bring a closed top water bottle to class.

10. Social distancing 6 feet apart will be enforced during all classes.  Floors are marked for areas for students to stand.

11. There will be no physical contact with other students or staff. Positive reinforcement and praise for a great job will be given verbally.

12. Students will not be allowed to stay in class if they develop a fever, cough, headache or generally do not feel well.

13. The office will be open, but all business will be conducted by phone or email. If you need to leave a check or make a cash payment, please put your money in an envelope with the account and student name and the amount you have in the envelope, and place it in the blue box on the office door. You may also utilize your parent portal.

14. Families should notify the studio if their dancer or a family member has tested positive for Covid-19 or has come into close contact with someone who has tested positive.    

15. If a student/staff member tests positive for Covid-19, AAD will contact parents based on students that may have come in contact. Besides notifying the class, the staff will have the studio thoroughly sanitized. We will not identify the individual who has tested positive.

16. If for any reason the studio has to temporarily close or is unable to hold in person classes, classes will be held virtually through Google Meets. Attendance is still required during virtual classes and all tuition and fees still apply without reduction and are non-refundable.  

17. All preschool and primary classes will purchase a personal prop bag. This bag must be brought to class each week as the dancers will utilize the different props during class. This will eliminate the sharing of props between students and classes, and we highly recommend that you sanitize your child’s props after each class.


Main Phone:  615-822-9620

Satellite Phone:  615-447-3932 

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