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February 2024 Newsletter



We are excited to announce that we have secured a recital venue!!

Massey Concert Hall

1922 Belmont Blvd

Nashville, TN 37212



Wednesday June 5 and Thursday June 6



Saturday June 8 and Sunday June 9

We are so happy to be able to perform at Massey Concert Hall on the campus of Belmont University. We held our recitals at this venue in years past, and have always had an amazing experience at this location.



Please note that the dates are different than originally planned. We exhausted every option, and this was the only venue available that could accommodate all of our families. These were the only dates they could offer us, and we hope all of our dancers will be able to make this change.



Many classes have already received their costumes, and the rest will be arriving soon. 


Please be aware that some costumes may require alterations. We size based on a sizing chart provided by each costume manufacturer. Some children's measurements may fall into more than one size on the chart, and we spend quite a bit of time selecting the size that we feel will best accommodate your child's build. Sometimes, a costume may require shortening of the pants or sleeves or may need to be taken in. We have a seamstress we can recommend to do those alterations if needed. Please contact us if you think your child's costume may need alterations!


Regular attendance is very important at this time of year! We want the students to feel very comfortable with their dances by the recital, & this can only be accomplished if students attend class each week!!



The studio WILL remain open throughout Spring Break - regardless of which school you attend!








As is our custom, all students reaching these milestone years will be recognized at the end of this year's recital. 


All 5/10/15 year students please sign the appropriate list on the bulletin board by Thursday, February 22nd! 



We need the names of our 5/10/15 year students by February 22nd so that we have time to order their awards. 


 There will be a picture taken of 5 year students during picture week. Once the picture schedule is released, make note of when the 5 year student group photo will take place if you would like for your child to participate! 


Those who sign the 10 & 15 year student list will be contacted regarding special ad spots available to them in the program book. 


Please note that full years taken at other studios DO count toward the 5/10/15 year recognition!








Studio Dance Pictures: March 8th-15th

Later this month each class will be emailed with the day and time of their dance pictures (note that picture times will probably be different from your child's regular class time).  


We will do our best to accommodate those who have already made us aware of potential scheduling conflicts that week. All classes will have both group & individual pictures taken in each of their costumes. Regular classes will NOT be held during picture week. 


In March, a charge of $3.00 per group shot in which your child appears will be posted to your account (i.e. you will be charged 6.00 if your child has 2 costumes). This fee will be auto drafted with your March tuition. This fee goes toward printing the class photos in the recital program book. You will be under NO obligation to purchase any photos. The photographer (Mark Griffith) will provide parents with a website address where you will be able to view proofs and purchase photos online. 


Prior to picture week we will email a checklist of important items regarding preparation for pictures!! Costumes are being handed out in class as they arrive. Please check with your teacher re: hairstyle, color of tights, shoes, accessories etc.! We do ask that all tights be purchased through our Dancewear Boutique due to the need for uniformity of color.  Boutique hours are Monday - Thursday 4:00-7:00pm.



Recital Program Book

Each year we publish a recital program book containing ALL the class photos as well as individual pictures of those who elect to be included.  In order to include an individual photo of your child in the program book, you will need to complete an ad form!  A Google form will be linked in the March Newsletter and also emailed out the beginning of March.


The following ad spots are available:

  • 1/6 pg - accommodates 1 photo

  • 1/4 pg - accommodates 1 photo plus a business card

  • 1/2 pg - accommodates up to 3 photos

  • Full pg - accommodates up to 6 photos

Siblings may have their photo taken together if they want to share one ad space. 


Payment will be posted and charged to your account when you complete your form. **Pricing will be posted in the March newsletter.




Gymini Athletics AAD Acro Discount







































AAD Office Hours

Monday - Thursday





AAD Boutique Hours

Monday - Thursday 


Thank you for choosing AAD for your child's dance education. We appreciate your business & love working with your children!!!



Dance studio office: 615-822-9620




Main studio/office location: 108 Business Court

Satellite studio: 13 Industrial Park Drive. Suite 200 

(across from Dos Margaritas)

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