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Welcome to AAD for our 2020-21 dance season. We are looking forward to seeing all our dancers this year. Please read through this entire email as it contains useful information you will need to get started this dance season. 


All classes will begin the week of Monday August 31st. (If your class meets on Tuesday, your 1st day will be September 1st, etc). We will close on Labor Day, September 7th.


Please check our Dress Code in our Classes section on our website. Find specifics for the class or classes your dancer is taking.  For now our dance boutique is closed. We are excited to use an on line dance supply vendor who can take care of most of your needs for supplies. Our preferred styles for our young dancers can be found on Nimbly, there are other sources for some of the older students and for our Competition dancers. When ordering on line, carefully check the size chart as most Revolution brand shoes run 2-3 sizes smaller than normal sizing.


Nimbly online dance boutique:


If you have difficulty finding what you need on Nimbly, other good resources are and


**All Company classes, please wait for recommendations from your teacher before purchasing your shoes**

Shop at Nimbly

Prop Bags for Preschool and Primary Classes 



All students in our Preschool and Primary students must purchase a Prop bag from AAD. We will be selling them out in front of the studio the first 2 weeks of dance. You may pay cash or we can charge your account. This will keep all our dancers from sharing the props we typically use in class with our young dancers. Siblings who have class at 2 separate times may share a prop bag. These bags are for use in the Combo classes only, not Hip Hop. The students should bring these props with them each week, so keep these in their dance bag. We will not provide props in class if your child does not have his/her bag with them.


Preschool (2, 3, 4, Kinderdance classes) Prop bags —$8.00 each

Primary Classes (1st and 2nd Graders) Prop bags- $7.00 each

Both bags are the same except the bag for the younger students contains 1 extra item.  


Please read the entire section which lays out our Covid Policies and can be found on our website in the drop down box in the Info section. We will strictly follow all these guidelines, and will adjust our policies as conditions and regulations change. You will be notified by email as adjustments occur. At this time, all classes are live and in person.  Please be diligent in monitoring your child’s health before bringing them to class. If your dancer has a fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, headache or any other symptoms of Covid, please do not bring them to dance. 

At this time our lobby areas are closed except for dancers with a couple of exceptions.


*2 Year old Classes- One parent may accompany 2 year old dancers to class, and wait in lobby nearest the dance room. One parent may accompany the 3 year old class students on their first day of class. All parents entering the building must wear a mask the entire time and social distance while waiting.  


Frequently we find it necessary to make adjustments in our dance schedule after the initial enrollment period. We are still tweaking our schedule. Please bear with us as we try to accommodate everyone and also make sure we have safety in numbers.  


If you have not heard from AAD, then all is well with your schedule and you should come at your original time. This year, scheduling has been even more difficult than usual, because of the limited number of students in each dance room. 


Thank you for your understanding if adjustments have been made to your schedule.


Please ensure that the email and phone number we have on file for you are both correct! We communicate important info to you via email on a very regular basis so make sure your info is correct!


*This year, we have the option to send info to you via text messaging! This will mostly be used to communicate important last-minute info (such as weather-related closings), and we will not overwhelm your phone with texts. The texts will go to the main number listed on your account so please make sure that is a cell phone number!



Newsletters are sent out the first week of each month. Please check your spam/trash folder if you do not receive one in your regular email. Also, these are posted on our website in the News section. Consider this as your September Newsletter. Please read our AAD General information and Policies section which is in the Info (FAQ) section on our website. 



Make sure that you have access to your parent portal and are familiar with logging in and monitoring your account. Should the need arise for us to move to a virtual format, you will need this information to be able to attend classes.


This is also where you can view your account, make payments, and update your personal and financial information.

Click Here to log into Parent Portal!!



As most of you know, we auto-draft monthly tuition payments on the 16th of most months (with the exception of April and May, which will be auto-drafted on the 17th and 7th, respectively). We will NOT be emailing statements each month! Monthly tuition charges will be posted to accounts during the first week of each month, and you may login to your Parent Portal to check your balance at any time. Click HERE to access the Parent Portal login page. We will send email reminders each month before drafting payments!


All accounts are required to keep a credit card on file. You are welcome to pay via check or cash but you MUST submit it to the main office NO LATER THAN THE 15TH OF EACH MONTH! If we have not received payment by then we will charge the card on file. Any late payments or declined cards will subject the account to a $15 late fee!


If you have any questions regarding our payment schedule or policies please click HERE to view our General Information Sheet!

We are so excited to begin our dance season! 


We will see all our dancers soon. 

Please let us know if you need further information. 

We look forward to a great dance year!!!


Dance studio office: 615-822-9620




Main studio/office location: 108 Business Court

Satellite studio: 13 Industrial Park Drive. Suite 200 

(across from Dos Margaritas)


Main Phone:  615-822-9620

Satellite Phone:  615-447-3932 

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American Academy of Dance

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